The Pledge

I BELIEVE in health care that prevents illness before it begins, treats the whole patient, cares for communities, stewards our resources responsibly, and is accessible to all. I believe in primary care.

NOW IS THE TIME to invest in the health and financial sustainability of our nation by strengthening primary care. I therefore pledge to support those institutions that both train future health professionals and place a high value on primary care, and I resolve to help encourage the prioritization of primary care training throughout our entire health care system.

I URGE our educators to train the next generation of health care practitioners to meet our nation’s needs—a health care system built on a strong foundation of high value primary care. The time is now to support primary care.

I LEND MY VOICE to the call for revitalizing primary care training and education, and I call on others to join me. Together we will ensure that America has the primary care system it needs.

Why a Primary Care Pledge?

In 2014, America will face a profound test. Tens of millions of uninsured Americans will gain needed health coverage under the Affordable Care Act. However, many will be unable to access primary care due to a shortage of primary care practitioners that has been building for years.

Numerous factors have contributed to the current crisis. Primary Care Progress believes that one of the most crucial is the declining output of primary care practitioners from institutions that train future health professionals. Unfortunately, these institutions are not currently on track to produce the primary care workforce that will meet the needs of our country’s different communities and populations.

A critical step to ensure that Americans have adequate access to the primary care they need is to increase primary care-oriented recruitment, mentoring and education opportunities at all of these institutions. Such a change will not be easy, and will require a collective national effort that includes changes in policy, educational funding and academic programming. Most importantly, it will require those who believe in the need for a revitalized primary care workforce pipeline to show their support in a visible and united manner.

This is our opportunity to ensure that Americans have the healthcare system they need and deserve—a system built upon a robust foundation of primary care. We ask for your pledge to support the revitalization of primary care education and training today.

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  • Recent Pledge Supporters

“Working together, we can bring justice to care delivery and access, and establish primary care as the backbone of a thriving American health care system.”
Laura Roberts
Nurse practitioner student
University of Southern Maine
“Making sufficient quality primary care accessible for everyone will require primary care physicians who are leaders and advocates.”
Nasim Babazadeh
3rd-year medical student
University of Washington
“I got into medicine because I wanted to care for people, to heal them. With caring healers working together, patients receive better, more thorough care.”
Paula Porter
4th-year medical student
University of Utah
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